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makng calls through particular FXO ports

I have a 2811 router with two VIC2-4FXO cards installed. I want to be able to make external calls from one IP phone through 4 ports only. Calls from the same IP Phone should never go through the remaining 4 ports. Please how do I go about it.The configurations are a little bit confusing to me.


Re: makng calls through particular FXO ports

please can u clearify ur question?

and u use CME?

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Re: makng calls through particular FXO ports

Now, I have a CCM4.1 with several phones registerred to it. My gateway is 2811 router. I have two 4 ports FXO cards on the router, that provides connection for 8 PSTN lines. One of the FXO cards (4 ports) has eacd of the ports directed to 4 different Executive IP Phones (DNs 1023, 1006, 1004 and 1055. The other 4 port FXO card is meant for the Operator. It is expected that the operator should not receive any calls at all, but should be able to make external calls through any port on the second FXO card ONLY. the operator should never make calls through the first FXO card.

My challenge is this: I have configured (on he router) 1023, 1006, 1004 and 1055 to be able to make and receive calls ONLY through their respective FXO ports. But whem I try to make exteranl calls (PSTN) from Operator's phone (DN 1016), it roams through any of the 8 FXO cards.

Any remedy for this?

Re: makng calls through particular FXO ports

make the gate way an MGCP gateway

and define the gateway on ur CCM

also dfine all the ports


creat route two groups

each route group contain one card (4 FXOs)

then creat a partition lets say called managers

and creat second partition name it operator

then creat two CSS

first one name it managers

and make the two above partition part of this CSS

then creat second CSS called oerato

this CSS shouw contion only the operator patition

now creat two route lists

first one contain the both route group( the two crds)

second route list contain only the route group with on card that shoud be acces by the operator

next creat two route pattren with the same pattren to the PSTN but with deffrent partitions

first one

put it in partition managers

and the route list should contain the route group that has the two cards

creat second route pattren with same pattren to pstn

but this with partition operator and route list the one contain FXO card and should be accessable by the operator

now assign the CSS manager to the excutives and CSS operator to the opertor phon line

in ths case u have mad access restrction on the FXOs

this is in brif u can find more

just read and find out about partitions and calling search space (CSS)

good luck

please, if helpful rate

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Re: makng calls through particular FXO ports


Call routing through particular ports can be possible ,you have to configure the gateway as MGCP .Then add your FXO ports in the Gateway.Configure Route Group and put your designated 4 FXO ports in that roiutegroup.

Then Create Route list and call your previously configured Route group in to that.

Then Create Route pattern and Assign this Route List.


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