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Managing multplie calls on Same line

I have a CEO and his assistant. The CEO is on the phone and a second call comes in and the assistant answers. Now, she wants a way to see if the CEO is still on the first call or available for the second call. Is there a configuration or application that would help in the situation. Would IPMA help in this situation.

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Re: Managing multplie calls on Same line

If you disable to the privacy on the CEO's phone and also on the Assistant's phone they should be able to see all the calls on that single line on both phones.

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Re: Managing multplie calls on Same line

Hi Thomas,

IPMA would be a nice fit for this type of application;

Cisco CallManager Features and Services Guide, Release 4.1(3)

Cisco IP Manager Assistant With Shared Line Support

From this doc;

Cisco IP Manager Assistant With Proxy Line Support

But if you want something quick & easy you could also try setting them up with Shared Lines and add an Intercom Feature so the Assistant can let the President know when there are calls/appointments for him;

For Assistants Phone - 7960/7961

Line Button 1 - Ext 6119

Line Button 2 - Ext 6116 (Set to Ring and Flash)

Line Button 3 - Speeddial to Ext 4123 (Label Text Intercom)

For Presidents Phone - 7960/7961

Line Button 1 - Ext 6116

Line Button 2 - Ext 6119 (Set to Flash Only)

Line Button 3 - Ext 4123 (Label Text Intercom)**Set this to Auto Answer on Speakerphone**

7961's are really nice in this instance as you not only get the visual Icon showing the phone is in use but also the colour of the Line Button changes depending on the call status.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Managing multplie calls on Same line


Thanks for the reply

We have assigned a second DN to the CEO and the assistant so she can call him on that line to see if he is available. They did not want the intercom feature. She is trying to do it without interuppting him. We are going to try turning off privacy in our lab as mentioned in the first. Thank you also for your reply and we are trying to get approval to have the IPMA software implemented.


Re: Managing multplie calls on Same line

There is a way, but it?s an ugly one.

simply configure both phones with two times the same DN (bt on a different partition) on different button, and set the busy trigger for both lines to 1, and configure the first button to forward on busy to line two in the other partition.


Line1 - DN:5001/normal_partition - FB to 5001

Line2 - DN:5002/rollover_partition - Forward Busy to Voicemail (or other)

Both line configured with busy trigger = 1

You need to copy the current CSS and add the new rollover_partition to the first line of course (otherwise it won?t work).

Pros and cons:

- it?s ugly, but it will work

- the nice thing of the extra CSS you just created is that only the CEO assistant will be able to call (and barge in, if enabled) the second line, where other?s can not.



Re: Managing multplie calls on Same line

If using 5.x

a. CFwd busy/no answer line for CEO to Assistant

b. Assistant has her personal line and a speed dial BLF (Busy lamp field) for the CEO.

c. Assistant answers the call.

d. She looks at BLF. If its lit, CEO is not available. If its not lit, CEO is available.

e. If CEO is available, she transfers the call back to CEO

f. If CEO is not available, she asks the caller if she wants his voicemail. You can set up a pattern such as *XXXX to send calls to voicemail directly.



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Re: Managing multplie calls on Same line

We have disabled the privacy of one of the VPs for testing..

However, the plot thickens. We have three assistants that cover 7 lines total. The three have all lines shared so I am wondering what will happen if I turn off privacy on other executives.

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