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Mass update of IP Phone services in 6.X platform

I am trying to do a mass update of IP phone services, I am trying to remove a couple services which I figure I can just delete the service. I am trying to add two services to everyone phone of any type though. What is the best way to do this? Through the Bulk Administration section I can go to "Update Phones" and it has a section for services but it's looking for a template. I can't find what specific template it's looking for anywhere though. Anyone know what template it's looking for? Bulk Administration -> Phones -> Update Phones -> Query -> I just find all and hit Next. It's the "Assign IP Phone Services" Add all services from this template option I am looking for. I can find anywhere to create this template.

Any other ideas or any easier way I can do this?


Re: Mass update of IP Phone services in 6.X platform

Which exact version of 6.x we submitted a bug for not able to update services...?

Once we know that lets moe forward

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