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massive problem with remote destination

hello all,

we have massive problems with our remote destinations.


after i create the remote destination profile and added the line, i create the remote destination for my mobile phone. 


all ok so. but if im associate my mobile phone with the line by choosing Line Association i´m no able to reach many numbers in my company anymore.


there is no ringing tone. there is nothing and after 20-30 seconds i got an busy tone.


if i delete the Line Association i can reach the number normally.


Perhaps you got any idea . I dont got any anymore


Thats very odd.You're better

Thats very odd.

You're better off opening a ticket with TAC, it maybe be a bug. 


Lets us know, how it goes.

Community Member

finally we found the problem

finally we found the problem


it was at the cucm service parameters.


we changed " machting caller id with remote destination " to "partial match" after that all is working fine.

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