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New Member

Maximum Entries in translation Rule

Hello All,

I have a situation, hope Pro s here can help me.

I have a CME 7.1 (Platform 3825),and a voice gateway on 2851 we have around 100 DID numbers starting with 2133100. Our local extension schema is four Digits starting with 5xxx.

I was translating couple of Phones from internal to DID as follows.

translation-rule 1

Rule 0  3100 5023

Rule 1  3101 5099

Rule 2  3102 5891

This was applied to the dial peer going from voice gateway to CME and vice versa i was translating them from inside extension to DIDs.

But now the management wants to give the atleast 70 DID numbers to internal users.

I have  found only max 15 entries can be added to translation rule. I am in deep corner now.

What is the workaround to achieve this.

1)Shall i create more than three translation rules and apply them on the same dial peer (am sure i cannot but weird thinking)

2)Shalli create couple of more dial peers and create couple of more translation rule and apply ??

Or is there a way i can add 75 translation rule entries and apply them to a single dial peer ???

Please help !!!!!

Cisco Employee

Re: Maximum Entries in translation Rule

Hi Asim,

You are correct translation rules have a max of 15 rules per. A better solution would be number expansion.

The command for this is 'num-exp'

You can use the Command Lookup Tool (Link) for more information on num-exp.

Here is an excerpt from the page

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to define how to  expand a particular set of numbers (for example, a telephone extension  number) into a particular destination pattern. With this command, you  can bind specific extensions and expanded numbers together by explicitly  defining each number, or you can define extensions and expanded numbers  using variables. You can also use this command to convert seven-digit  numbers to numbers containing fewer than seven digits.

You can configure a maximum of 250 number extensions before the router  sends an error message stating that the limit has been reached.

Use a period (.) as a variable or wildcard, representing a single  number. Use a separate period for each number that you want to represent  with a wildcard—for example, if you want to replace four numbers in an  extension with wildcards, type in four periods.


The following example expands the extension number 50145 to the number 14085550145:

num-exp 50145 14085550145

The following example expands all five-digit extensions beginning with 5  such that the 5 is replaced with the digits 1408555 at the beginning of  the extension number:

num-exp 5.... 1408555....

Hope this helps,

New Member

Re: Maximum Entries in translation Rule

Hello Jaison,

Thank You for the reply. However i have doubts over num-exp command. I would be happy if you can help me out.

The num-exp is in global mode, and it cannot be assigned to dial peers of voice ports. That means it wont look for the source ephone number, it will look for the digits?? (please correct me here if am wrong)

My doubt is if i put num exp like below. This will be entered in to CME..> Gateway >E1R2

num-exp   5023 3100

num-exp   5099 3101

num-exp   5891 3102

Now if some body is dialing a phone number 0096650238912  i beleive it will be converted to 0096631008912....

Please advise..

Thanks in advance

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