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Maximum number of phone firmware upgrades?

Hi all, I am currently planning a CUCM v6.1 to 7.1 upgrade and was wondering if there was a maximum number of handsets which could perform a firmware upgrade at any one time? We have 5000 phones and after the upgrade, each phone is going to need a firmware upgrade and I am trying to factor in how long this will take for all phones to complete?

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Re: Maximum number of phone firmware upgrades?

Service Parameter: TFTP

Setting: Maximum Serving Count


This parameter specifies the maximum number of client requests to accept and to serve files at a time. Specify a low value if you are serving files over a low bandwidth connection. You can set it to a higher number if you are serving small files over a large bandwidth connection and when CPU resources are available, such as when no other services run on the TFTP server. Use the default value if the TFTP service is run along with other Cisco CallManager services on the same server. Use the following suggested values for a dedicated TFTP server: 1500 for a single-processor system and 3000 for a dual-processor system. If the dual-processor system is running Windows 2000 Advanced Server, the serving count can be up to 5000. 

  This is a required field. 

  Default:  500 

  Minimum:  1 

  Maximum:  5000 

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Re: Maximum number of phone firmware upgrades?

Thanks Anthony.

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