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MCS-7825-H3 and MCS-7825-H2-cce1

I have MCS sever MCS-7825-H3-cc1\ccx1\dm21 and MCS-7825-H2-CCE1-CCX1-ECS.

I think about are new server hardware.

I want to install Call manager 4.2(1) on the above servers.

I would like to know what bootable CD is needed to do the required installation.

I tried using 2000.2.7 and 2000.2.7a hardware detection I get message saying server hardware not supported by the CD.

I tried to boot using 2000.4.1b and 2000.4.1 server operating system same message.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Also Please mentioned the required step in brief to finish the installation.

Please advice


Re: MCS-7825-H3 and MCS-7825-H2-cce1

ECS servers r for Unity

Here you will find compatible servers with CCM

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Re: MCS-7825-H3 and MCS-7825-H2-cce1

Thanks for the information after checking part code on the mentioned link I can install 4.2 on the mentioned server.I want to know what hardware detection or OS CD is required to install 4.2 on the mentioned servers.

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Re: MCS-7825-H3 and MCS-7825-H2-cce1

Hi I have the same issue , I have a MCS7835-H2 and I am unable to identify the right HW detection disc I need to build the H2 server. The discs that come with CM4.1K9 and CM4.2K9 do not recognise the new platform. Can you please let me know if/how you sorted your issue.



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Re: MCS-7825-H3 and MCS-7825-H2-cce1


You need hardware detection CD 2000.4.3a or above.

I hope it solves your problem .

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