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MCS-7825-I series remote management

There's a couple of older posts on here but I'm not sure if they are still relevant so I'll try one myself.

The HP MCS class servers ship with ILO and the Advanced licencing which can be used as an IP KVM. The IBM servers seem to have the same capabilities, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to work. Any clues?

Also, is either supported for remote OS Intalls?


Re: MCS-7825-I series remote management

Some IBM servers support:

IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter

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Re: MCS-7825-I series remote management

The server does have an rj-45 jack labeld "sys mgmnt" - it is plugged into a 3500 XL switch.

I have accessed the BMC Configuration option in BIOS. I have created a user. I can see where the network settings are and I have left it as DHCP.

My DHCP server has an entry for the correct MAC Address of the the BMC device (which, oddly, matches the MAC of the NIC of the Server). The hostname for that MAC shows up as BMC_DHCP which appears to be expected.

I can ping the IP Address that was dished out.

My switchport shows down/down for that port. The port to which it is responding to pings is the NIC of the box (up/up)

I am not using NAT - this is a flat lab network.

I cannot http (or https) to the ip address (tried port 2000 and 5090).

Perhaps it is the NIC that is getting the address? Do these things share a MAC address with this port and the NIC?

Perhaps I need to configure CallManager setup (and therefore, the Linux network portion) prior to getting this to work (which then negates being able to remotely run the setup on IBM servers).

Bear in mind that this is a Cisco MCS-7825i series and not a spec'd out server from IBM directly.

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