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Measure Qos

how could you monitor voice quality on a non managed network (and probably non Cisco), can a Cisco IPT handsets TRAP on various jitter and delay parameters?

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Re: Measure Qos

So you have a Cisco voice solution, just the underlying infrastructure isn't?

If you have Cisco voice gateways, at least, you can configure a larger call history and get stats in the phione->gateway direction quite easily; use 'sh call history voice br' to obtain the output:

dial-control-mib retain-timer <0-1200>

dial-control-mib max <0-35791>

You can also enable call stats on the gateway with:

gw-accounting syslog stats

And view that output with:

show call history voice stat

You can enable QRT on the phones for the users to report bad calls at the time of the call to the QRT server.  That will record packet loss, jitter, etc for anything->IP phone.

You can use RTCP to report packet stats on a per call basis, though you'd need some way to aggregate these since they just get sent on the media stream for the call (you could have a gateway RTCP debug run to a syslog server, perhaps).  For CUCM, set RTCP in the phone page to 'enabled.'  CME:


service phone rtcp 1

There are probably some SNMP tools like the voice quality health monitor tool and such that pull average MOS scores for calls, but I don't have much experience with those monitoring products.

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