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Media gateway & CCM redundancy

Apologies for what might be a basic question.

I am looking at creating redundancy for a clustered CCM by adding a second 2800 providing additional ISDN30 line.

Not having played with similar setups, I am a bit lost.

how is redundancy created here, is mgcp bind command the way to achieve this or can I simply configure 2nd 2800 and connect it to CCM ?




Re: Media gateway & CCM redundancy


Just configure the 2nd 2800 as an additional gateway in CCM, and adjust your route groups/route lists etc accordingly to use the 2nd gateway when the primary gateway is down.

Hope that helped, if so please rate.

Re: Media gateway & CCM redundancy

The redundancy comes from two places:

1. Putting both gateways in the Route List in CUCM so that either gateway can be an outbound gateway.

2. Have your provider route your DID numbers to both PRIs, so that if one comes down the numbers will come through another PRI.

True redundancy would have a different provider for the second PRI, but then you lose the ability to route your DIDs over to the second PRI if one of your gateways go down, and you're alright if one provider goes down. Then, you would need 4 gateways and it gets academic.

MGCP bind command only tells the gateway which interface it should use as the source address for media and signaling.



Re: Media gateway & CCM redundancy

Thanks both Kenneth & Nick !

It sounds easy enough, I shall add new 2800 IP address and run a failover test.

Thanks for prompt reply.


Re: Media gateway & CCM redundancy

Good luck Samir and thanks for the nice rating!

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