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MediaListExhausted alert for BuiltInBridge resource

Anyone get this before?  I can't find anywhere in CUCM 7.1.5 to adjust the # of resources for this media resource built in bridge and can't find anything on on it, so I am thinking this alert happens when the Recording server (SIP trunk) the bridged calls are going to is down or not accepting the bridge connection?

Just trying to confirm what my thought is or if there is somewhere in CUCM for the number of resourcess I can adjust (I looked under service parameters, the SIP trunk, recording profile, etc).


MediaListExhausted alert for BuiltInBridge resource


Basically the MediaListExhausted notification means that the Cisco Unified Communications Manager has gone through all of the devices in the Media Resource Group and was not able to assign a device to use.

This is more of a cosmetic notification and can be ignored unless you receive reports that outbound calls are not completing.

I have seen issues in which you get these RTMT messages when a number is not dialed correclty, but you will need to double check first with the end users to see if they have any complaints.

For more information please check this documentation:

Hope this helps!



Re: MediaListExhausted alert for BuiltInBridge resource

Did you read my post?

I know what causes this and such, but this was for the BuiltInBridge which there is built into the phones when enabled and of so then the phones send the stream from phone to recording server also (SIP Trunk). So there are no built in bridge resources you configure in CUCM since it is built in and just a on/off option on phone configuration.

I was trying to see what causes the BuiltInBridge resource to be exhausted. I've setup a bogus SIP trunk to bogus IP and recording profile to use such and made a call on phone with that Built In Bridge / Recording profile to IP address that doesn't exist (nothing there) and did not get the error to occur after a few calls.

From my understanding, when using Built In Bridge the phone gets a phone call and then sends the audio stream to the recording server directly via SIP. If that is the case, then this alert may happen if the recording serverr is down or not accepting a connection but from my lab testing that doesn't seem to be the case. There is a MRGL assigned to the SIP trunk device profile but the MediaExhausted Alert is not for that MRGL and we have no MRGL defined "BuiltInBridge" so that must be internal media resource for built in bridge function which I'm trying to get more information on how that works so I can figure out why this alert happened.

MediaListExhausted alert for BuiltInBridge resource

Yes I did read your initial problem statement   and  also pointed out that this is  a cosmetic notification  .

To understand your issue better could you also provide the following information....

1> what's the full version of  callmanager ?

2> Has any media resource been  renamed as "BuiltInBridge"? Can you check this?

3> what are all the devices in the call flow and the media resources assigned them?

4> what are  media resources assigned to the phone and the sip trunk ?

5> Are these messages seen  frequently?

6> Did you check the RTMT perfmon counters to see which resources are getting invoked and which are not for the call?

7> Are the devices involved in the call in different region / device pool?



New Member

Would this affect inbound

Would this affect inbound calls when Call Recording is also used? 

Re: MediaListExhausted alert for BuiltInBridge resource

There are no media resources configured with this name, again this is internal to call manager for the BiB feature.

There are no RTMT counters for the builtinbridge I can find and I looked everywhere.

I don't think you understand what I'm asking here.

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