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Meet Me with Unity Transfer

I setup Unity to answer Meet Me calls then ask the caller their name and announce/transfer to the Meet Me conference number, which works great with one exception, it appears that Unity can only transfer one caller at a time to the Meet Me conference, which pretty much makes these feature useless. For some reason Unity will disconnect a caller if someone else is already in the process of being transferred.

Does anyone know of a work around? This is setup on CCM 4.2 with Unity 5.0. I am using a CTI RP to send the call to Unity

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Re: Meet Me with Unity Transfer

Hi Robert,

The problem here is with the CTI Route Point only allowing one call at a time. This problem crept up here last July, I remember :)

The recommended method for this type of setup is to have callers call into Unity (receive the Opening Greeting) and then dial the Meet-Me number (in this case the Call Handler). This way multiple simultaineous calls can be handled.

Cisco also recommends changing the Opening Greeting so that Outside callers know to enter the Meet-Me number.

This solution (paraphrased) is presented in Cisco Press book - Configuring Callmanager and Unity (A Step by Step Guide)

You can use a Unity Call Handler (with the same Extension as the Meet-Me DN)

Set up the Call Handler to do a Supervised Transfer to Ring the Meet-Me Conference.

Under the "Gather Caller Information" section of the Call Handler check "Confirm" and "Ask Callers Name"

When callers go through the Unity Call Handler they are asked to record their name, when the caller is forwarded to the Meet-Me Conference the name is played and conference participants are asked to Press 1 to accept the call or Press 2 to reject the call.

Here is the July thread;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Meet Me with Unity Transfer

Thanks for your reply. I don't think it is the CTI RP that is the problem. I can call from 5 phones at the exact same time and all will hit the call handler. The problem is transfer from Unity back to CCM

I got the same results with the Opening Greeting so I don't think that is relavent. All call handlers seem to work the same.

The problem appears to be that Unity can only do one supervised transfer at a time to a specific number, in this case the Meet Me number. This causes a problem as it is normal for everyone to call in to a conference at the same time.

I found that changing the transfer setting in Unity from "supervised" to "release" works but then you loose the ability to ask the callers name and announce the caller as they are being dropped off into the conference. With "release" it blindly sends the call to the conference.

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Re: Meet Me with Unity Transfer

I have just implemented this today and it worked perfectly using the supervised transfer.

This is how I have this setup.

I am using ccm 4.1 (3)with Unity 4.0

1. I created a Meetme_PT and a MeetMe_css with the Meetme_PT in it

2. I assigned the Meetme_PT to the Meetme number (my meet me number is 7028)

3.I assigned all MeetMe_css to all voice mail ports and the phones that will initiate conferencing

4. I created two call handlers

4.1 Meetme

4.2 Welcome to Meetme

4.1.1 The Meetme Callhandler....

a. assing this callhandler same extension as meetme number in CCM (mine was 7028)

b. Set Call handler to ring extension of meetme numebr (7028)

c. Setup callhadnler to o supervise xfer

d. Under Gather Call information section of the callhandler, check confirm and ask caller's name

4.2 The Welcome to MeetMe callhandler

a. Create a "welcome to meet me" call handler ( It can be anything you want to call it)

b. assign an extension to it ( thisnumber is what users will dial to get into the conference bridge) eg 8000 ( the number I used)

c. Record a greeting for this handler..Eg welcome to xyzb conference, to enter the conference press 1 ( or any key you want)

d. On the Caller input of the handler, map key 1 (or any key you use) to send caller to call "meetMe" ( or the name of callhandler you created earlier) and choose attempt to transfer for call handler...(make sure you choose this)

5. Create a CTI route Point with DN eg 8000( th enumber I used)

Set the Forward all to voice-mail

Bingo! You are good to go!

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Re: Meet Me with Unity Transfer

Thats how I set mine up too, except my first call hadler says "welcome to the conferencing service...please enter your conference ID".

Just curious... did you try calling in to the meet me conference (via Unity) with two phones at the exact same time? Thats the problem I am having. Callers get disconnected.

I am on Unity 5.0. If you don't have that problem then I know it has something to do my version.

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