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MeetingPlace - Design / Installation Questions

Hello all,

Has anyone deploy MeetingPlace 6.0 on your own without the help of an integrator ?

I do not have experience with MeetingPlace but have been working with Cisco IPT for about 6 years and I am attempting to deploy MeetingPlace on my own. Below are the requirements for my MeetingPlace depoyment.

- MeetingPlace will need to integrate with our existing Lotus Notes environmnet for Calendaring and Scheduling.

- MeetingPlace integration with CCM 4.1.3

- Web collaboration

- Audio Conferencing

- Video Conferencing

Based on the requirements above. Can someone tell me what I need to purchase as far as software/hardware to put together an environment like that ? I am also looking for some help on design and installation.

Any inputs/suggestions are highly appreciated !!! thanks very much in advance !!!



Re: MeetingPlace - Design / Installation Questions

The MeetingPlace video conference can be scheduled through the following interfaces only:

"Web interface

"Outlook or Notes interface


Currently the Voice User Interface does not support video scheduling capability.

The video conference is not set up until the first video participant joins the conference. Users cannot get the video resources on the fly. The conference must be scheduled in advance or it must be reservationless.

The video conference is created using the designated service code defined on the MCU. Only one service code is allowed for MeetingPlace video integration. That service code controls the behavior and default parameters of all the MeetingPlace video conferences.

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Re: MeetingPlace - Design / Installation Questions


I'm installing MP6.0 in our lab and I think that you need it:,_Release_6.x

Good luck,


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