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Meetingplace Operator fallback?

I have a smallish Meetingplace (not Express) installation. The operator function doesn't appear to have a fallback. In other words, there is nothing within MEetingplace to handle unanswered Operator calls. I can send the calls to voicemail or IPCC Expres or something and then reroute them back to Meetingplace, but that sucks because if the caller was in a conference they will have to get back in that conference. :( I hope I'm wrong about this. Anyone have experience with this?


Re: Meetingplace Operator fallback?

Please try erasing the phone configuration and we can try restoring the default settings of the conference phone. Follow this procedure:

Step 1 Press the Menu button.

Step 2 Press the Up or Down scroll button to select Admin Setup.

Step 3 Press the Select button.

Step 4 Enter the administrator password (the default administrator password is **#), and press the Enter soft key.

Step 5 Press the Down scroll button to select Restore Defaults.

Step 6 Press the Select button.

The following message appears:

"All settings and data will be lost. Including Phone Book Entries. Press Yes to Confirm or

No to Exit."

Step 7 Press the Yes soft key to confirm the restore, or press the No soft key to exit.

A message appears confirming that the settings have been restored to the defaults and the IP Conference Station will restart.

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Re: Meetingplace Operator fallback?

That doesn't have anything to do with my question. I'm looking for answers about Meetingplace functionality, and yes I've read all the documentation.

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Re: Meetingplace Operator fallback?

I "might" understand your question....

When a user is in a MP voice conference and they push #0 to get the HelpDesk....if the call is not answered, what is the fallback?

First, make sure that you have a good phone number for the helpdesk listed in MeetingTime>Config>NS Site Config>Attendant Phone

After the user gets to that number, it is outside the scope of the MP capabilities and any re-directs, etc... will need to be set up via CUCM.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Meetingplace Operator fallback?

Yes, that is the problem I'm running into. If no one answers the call, there doesn't seem much you can do about it:

* MP won't revert the caller back to MP.

* Forwarding to the Meetingplace number only puts the caller back at the welcome message, which is bad if they tried to contact the operator from a meeting.

* forwarding to a message in an auto attendant that says something like "sorry you lose, start over" and then forwarding back to MP is the only thing you can do.

The thing is, Meetingplace will take the caller back to the original if the operator actually answers. However, I'm guessing that MP is actually conferencing the operator into the call. If someone knows differently, can you tell me?

New Member

Re: Meetingplace Operator fallback?

Have you actually tested this? I haven't done this personally in a while. The system should take you directly back to the meeting or give you the option to press 1 to disconnect the caller (helpdesk).

If you don't have anyone to answer these calls, why do you have this feature enabled?

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Re: Meetingplace Operator fallback?

Yes I've tried it. When would it take you back to the meeting or give an option? Is there a call-revert timer on the meetingplace operator outdial app? i.e. would I just need to let the call ring-noanswer on the operator phones long enough?

I have a helpdesk that doubles as Meetingplace operators, but it is only open 16 hours a day, and there are meetings that happen 24 hours a day. People really like operators.