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MeetingPlace question


i have a new MPE installation, i have 20 voice licenses and 6 web licenses,

as we know MPE supports only G711 natively, which means 84k for each call

my question is what if i have one voice conference session and this session contains 20 voice participants does this mean i will have a total of 20 x 84k running on my WAN, assuming users are distributed in many locations over WAN .. or how it is calculated

pleae help clarifying this


Cisco Employee

Re: MeetingPlace question

Some information from the CUCM SRND that may be useful to you:

* During normal operation, all voice, video, and web traffic from remote offices is sent across the IP WAN and terminates at Unified MPE in the central site.

* The same QoS and call admission control mechanisms used for the existing Cisco Unified Communications deployment are required. For purposes of call admission control, Unified MPE should be treated as a telephony gateway in the central site.

* In addition to G.711 mu-law and a-law codec support, Unified MPE also supports G.729a natively for optimal bandwidth usage across the IP WAN.

* Native G.729a codec support requires numerous Unified MPE system resources. A single G.729a audio call costs 5 SRUs from the overall system capacity pool. Deploying an external transcoding resource to transcode the voice stream from G.729a or other non-G.711 codec to G.711 codec would allow greater scalability with Unified MPE.

I hope this helps.



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