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MeetMe no audio after upgrade to 10.5

Hello all hoping someone has seen this.

I have a site where I recently did an upgrade from 7.1.3 to 10.5.  I noticed they are running all 2800 series gateways but since I do the work and not presales I was told to go along with it. 


Anyway I have done the upgrade and everything works fine except for MeetMe conferencing.  I have opened a ticket with TAC but they will not help because the IOS does not fall into the compatibility matrix for 10.5.

Has anyone else ran into this issue?  Gateway in question is a 2821 running 12.3.  Users are able to initiate and join the MeetMe conference but there is no audio.


I was told by the customer that they have not made any changes to their route/switch infrastructure.


Ya, classic answer from TAC

Ya, classic answer from TAC based on this compatibility matrix. You should send that matrix back to TAC and ask them if the Cisco switch on the matrix is not on  a version specified in that table, will that be TAC unsupported???(sigh)

Anyways, I dont think its a matrix problem but maybe you are hitting a defect of some sort with SCCP. 12.3 is quite old and would recommend upgrading to the latest 12 train and see what that gives you. I have plenty of customers running 12.4 train without issues on CUCM 10.5.

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