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message for misdial

The setup is like this:

[PSTN]--T1 PRI--[CUCM MGCP G/W]--T1 PRI--[Mitel PBX]--[analog phones]

The issue:

A person has a phone number that they don't realize is long distance, so they dial 9 250 xxx-xxxx. If he does it on a Cisco IP phone, he gets a recording saying that the call cannot be completed as dialed. However, if dialed on a Mitel phone, they get nothing at all, just dead air for about ten seconds, before it starts to do the rapid busy signal sound.

Any idea how this's fixed?



Re: message for misdial

I would use Dialed Number Analyser from the Serviceablity page to see which route pattern you're matching. If you're using NANP, I would also try putting a "1" after 9 for long distance calls.


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Re: message for misdial

thanks, MK.

I do have 91 pattern for long distance calls. the problem is that some users forget to put 1 for long distance calls, or they don't realize that the # is a long distance one (same area code with his phone). they would like to hear the message, so they know that they are missing a digit.

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Re: message for misdial

Are the mitel calls pushed through the call manager? If so, you should still receive this message? If not, your asking the question in the wrong place :) What connects to what and what route should the calls be taking?

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