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MGCP BRI unregistered


I am doing diagnostics on the following issue, the BRI interface on a 2900 series router is backhauled using MGCP. what I am seeing, is that the BRI enpoint in CUCM changes to "UNREGISTERED", causing outbound calls to fail. In those events, when looking at the actual BRI interface on the gateway itself. Layer1 is deactivated.However, layer 1 (and thus Layer 2) can be re-established by making an inbound call.  Which also re-registers the BRI end point on CUCM.  the alers we receive happen during nighttime, wich leads me to believe a time expires, either on the gateway end, or on the Telco end, bringing Layer 1 down.  My question is, is there any such thing, like a keepalive that can be sent from the gateway to the NTU (Telco), to keep the circuit up? (I know, I can set up some sort of outbound autodialer, but really this should work). I am not seeing this behaviour on any of our other locations here in Australia.

ISDN BRI0/0/0 interface

        dsl 0, interface ISDN Switchtype = basic-net3

        L2 Protocol = Q.921 0x0000  L3 Protocol(s) = CCM MANAGER 0x0003

    Layer 1 Status:


    Layer 2 Status:

        TEI = 64, Ces = 1, SAPI = 0, State = MULTIPLE_FRAME_ESTABLISHED

    Layer 3 Status:

        0 Active Layer 3 Call(s)

ISDN related config:

network-clock-participate wic 0

network-clock-select 1 BRI0/0/0

isdn switch-type basic-net3

interface BRI0/0/0

description VNM AAPT BRI

no ip address

no logging event link-status

no snmp trap link-status

isdn switch-type basic-net3

isdn overlap-receiving

isdn point-to-point-setup

isdn incoming-voice voice

isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager service mgcp

isdn sending-complete

trunk-group pstn

hostname#sh ccm-m

MGCP Domain Name: hostname

Priority        Status                   Host


Primary         Registered               10..x.x.x

First Backup    Backup Ready             10x.x.x.1

Second Backup   None

Current active Call Manager:    10.x.x.x.

Backhaul/Redundant link port:   2428

Failover Interval:              30 seconds

Keepalive Interval:             15 seconds

Last keepalive sent:            09:39:17 aesdt Dec 13 2013 (elapsed time: 00:00:10)

Last MGCP traffic time:         09:39:17 aesdt Dec 13 2013 (elapsed time: 00:00:10)

Last failover time:             00:29:46 aesdt Dec 13 2013 from (

Last switchback time:           00:33:46 aesdt Dec 13 2013 from (

Switchback mode:                Graceful

MGCP Fallback mode:             Enabled/OFF

Last MGCP Fallback start time:  None

Last MGCP Fallback end time:    None

MGCP Download Tones:            Disabled

TFTP retry count to shut Ports: 2

Backhaul Link info:

    Link Protocol:      TCP

    Remote Port Number: 2428

    Remote IP Address:

    Current Link State: OPEN


        Packets recvd:   2183

        Recv failures:   0

        Packets xmitted: 4363

        Xmit failures:   0

    BRI Ports being backhauled:

        Slot 0, VIC 0, port 0

Configuration Auto-Download Information


Current version-id: 1385946728-ac01c3ed-d5ef-454a-ae25-8dc15753ee95

Last config-downloaded:00:00:00

Current state: Waiting for commands

Configuration Download statistics:

        Download Attempted             : 3

          Download Successful          : 3

          Download Failed              : 0

          TFTP Download Failed         : 0

        Configuration Attempted        : 2

          Configuration Successful     : 2

          Configuration Failed(Parsing): 0

          Configuration Failed(config) : 0

Last config download command: New Registration

FAX mode: disable


Cisco 2900 series: Version 15.0(1)M5

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Please remember to rate useful posts, by clicking on the stars below.

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MGCP BRI unregistered

Do yourself a favor and ditch MGCP for SIP, your life will be much simpler :-)



MGCP BRI unregistered

Spot on, but that is not up to me in this case

Please remember to rate useful posts, by clicking on the stars below. 


Please remember to rate useful posts, by clicking on the stars below.

MGCP BRI unregistered


Can you try to assing a static TEI and see if it makes difference?

Let me know




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"The more you help the more you learn"

Please rate all helpful posts "The more you help the more you learn"

MGCP BRI unregistered

Hi Mink,

Assigning static TEI could be possible , if Telco permits.



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