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MGCP GatewaY

This is a new install. I have an MGCP gateway that I can't make inbound or outbound calls on.

The gateway is configured to look at the significant digits as 4 and it also prefixes 704 to the front of the number. The phone ext is 704XXXX. I can see the call come in on the gateway but it never reaches the phone.

Outbound calling doesn't even make it to the gateway.

I have looked at my CSS/Partitions but everything appears to be correct. Ideas?


Re: MGCP GatewaY

on the Gateway:

Debug ISDN q921

Debug ISDN q921

Term mon

Now, make an inbound call. Do you see it even hitting the gateway? You should see the calling and called number in the terminal screen. If not, then the PRI is not configured or ready.

sho ISDN Status (L2 up/down?)

Also, on CUCM/Gateway Is the gateway PRI "Registered"?

Re: MGCP GatewaY

First check 'show ccm' to make sure you're registered, and check that the endpoint is registered in CUCM.

Next check 'show isdn status' and make sure you've got multiple frame established.

Then you start checking your CSS/prefix/DNs and such.

Don't forget to check your L3 connectivity as well, or any firewall problems. A quick 'show ip nbar port | i mgcp' will outline the ports you need open.



Re: MGCP GatewaY

following on from the advice above, If the Q921, are OK and the GW is registered locate the Route Pattern you use for the GW and change the setting to block and select Precedence level .... - make a call. If the routing, Partitions, CSS are correct you will hear the "The precedence level has been ...." This proves the above from an o/g point of view. Do the Q931 when making a call- remember remove the block setting on the Route. If all registered use DNA for testing incoming calls but use the gateway option is a calling number of anything but the called number to be the incoming DID, DDI from the Telco

You can also do a DEBUG MGCP PACKETS to confirm CUCM accepts the GW registration - if you see a 500 response-check name of the GW and name in CUCM- if ok you should see 200 responses

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Re: MGCP GatewaY

Just an FYI

I have not worked with MGCP much, but I had two issues with an install I did last week, this was one of them. Both issues were resolved with a simple rebuild of the GW/RG/RL. Cisco said that if you are making a lot of changes within these areas of CM it's easy to corrupt the install. Hope this helps everyone.

Re: MGCP GatewaY

Thanks for the posting!!! Adding a new RG resolved my trouble! Obviously the old RG had become corrupt.

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