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MGCP issue with fallback

I was testing an MGCP gateway, going from SRST mode, with switchback to MGCP where it re-registers to the primary CM.

Here is how I tested: I set up the command on the gateway for scheduled switchback, while doing the same on the gateway configuration in CUCM. I then proceed to test this.

The result: While in SRST mode, I set up a call from a phone that is in SRST out through the PRI interface on the SRST gateway. When switchback occurs…. The call is dropped immediately. However, the gateway follows the gateway setting: scheduled switchback.

It appears that the endpoint in MGCP always follows IMMEDIATE, while the gateway itself can be changed from Delayed/Immediate/Graceful/Scheduled. I would have thought that the endpoint would follow the gateway. However, this appears not to be the case. Is this how you understand this working? Or, am I missing a command or feature?

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Re: MGCP issue with fallback

Only the stream btw two endpoints is preserved even if they cannot signal with CallManager. All you need is to register the mgcp-gateway with CUCM. Make sure your config looks like the following:


-configure terminal

-ccm-manager redundant-host 10.10.X.X

-ccm-manager switchback {schedule-time hh:mm}

-ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

-call application alternate


-ccm-manager switchover-to-backup

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Re: MGCP issue with fallback

This is what my thinking was also. With this configuration, the registration of the gateway follows the schedule, but the stream is disconnected immediately.

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