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mgcp overlap receiving

Hi all,

I have this question.

scenario: VG2800 connected to Primari E1 and configured on CallManager in MGCP. CallManager version 4.1.3sr3.

Number associate to E1 025539071.

P.O. Number 025539071

Extension 4 digit and starting with 1xx

called to PO. is 025539071

called to extensions 02553907155

translation pattern 025539071 to 8876

translation pattern 025539071xx to 81XX


All calls to extensions are routed to P.O. when the calling transmit in overlap, if the calls reach the gateway in enblock (ex. from mobile) the calls reach correctly the extension request.

There is a parameter that permit to wait other digit and do not send as soon as the call manager found a match ?

any suggestion is very appreciate.


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Re: mgcp overlap receiving


It depends on how you have configured your route patterns.

Could you send a view of your route patterns ?

Callmanager in a normal way should wait interdigit timeout before apply a route pattern if more than one route pattern matches the dialing sequence.

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Re: mgcp overlap receiving

Thank you,

My translation pattern are configured like this.

translation pattern 1.

number 2696841

partition internal

CSS Internal-only

called transform 9

translation pattern 2

number 2696841xx

partition internal

CSS Internal-only

called transform 1xx

the problem appear when a calls come in from mgcp gateway in overlap mode. in this case ALL calls will match before translation 1 and all calls will reach number 9 instead of extension request.

I though to remove translation 1 and change this with a route pattern. in this case i think that the number that come in overlap has two option and should be waiting an interdigit timeout.

I have tried to do that but seems that don't work !

the route pattern should be like this

Route pattern 1

number 2696841

partition internal

gw/RL MD110

called transformation 9

The number seems that do not wait interdigit timeout.



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Re: mgcp overlap receiving

hello Massimo,

It won't work with only Translation Patterns because the distribution algoritm which wait for the longest match works only with DNs and Route Patterns.

You should configure the 025539071 directly on the 2nd line of the PO phones and then forward the calls to the real internal PO number. You keep the second translation patterns for DID calls and everything will work.



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Re: mgcp overlap receiving


Did you ever get this issue resolved?



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