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MGCP PRI at one site to H323 FXS at another site

Heres my scenario:

I have a number (DID) that rings in on an MGCP controlled PRI at one site. I need to have this DID number ring on an H323 FXS port at another site. We are using 5 digit extensions. Telco is sending 7 digits on the PRI, with significant digits set to 4 in Call Manager.

Therefore, I set up a translation pattern changing the 4 digit significant digits to a 5 digit extension. Then I made a route pattern for the 5 digit extension pointing to the H323 gateway where FXS is located. On the H323 gateway, I made a pots dial peer with the destination pattern to be the 5 digit extension I assigned, pointing to the FXS port. However, this is not working. I still get a busy signal when I dial the number. Debug isdn q931 shows me "destination out of order".

Where am I going wrong here?

Any assistance provided, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Re: MGCP PRI at one site to H323 FXS at another site

OK..I think I got it figured out. The call now hits the PRI and then gets to the remote FXS port. I dont get any ringback however, Im assuming that this is because there is nothing currently plugged into the port. However, I verified via debug voip dialpeer and debug vpm signal that the call is indeed getting to the FXS port. It wasnt doing this the other day when I tried it.

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