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MGCP VG224 Stutter Tone?

Can anyone tell me if AMWI (aka Stutter Tone) is available via MGCP-Controlled VG224 gateways?

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Re: MGCP VG224 Stutter Tone?

VG224 and VG248 have the following MWI options:


caller id


lamp + stutter

caller id + stutter


Some older versions may not have all these, but later ones will.

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Re: MGCP VG224 Stutter Tone?

Great - can you elaborate? I could not find information on how this is configured with MGCP.

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Re: MGCP VG224 Stutter Tone?

I'm not sure that there would need to be any kind of MGCP config for MWI. Everything really depends on the type of VM system integration. In my case, I use CCM and Unity. CCM has two DNs that it dials to turn MWI on and off. One DN is on and the other is off. The VG248/224s have voicemial settings where you can enter those DNs. CCM and Unity take care of the rest. The VG units can also use SMDI and the async ports for integration with other types of VM systems.


Re: MGCP VG224 Stutter Tone?

The VG224 is not the same as the VG248. All the comments thus far are true for the VG248 but not the VG224. I would be interested as well for support of stutter dialtone using the VG224 as an MGCP gateway. I do not believe it is possible but would love to be proved wrong. I know it is possible if the VG224 is configured as SCCP.

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Re: MGCP VG224 Stutter Tone?

Thanks "jbouwkamp" - this is exactly the information I've learned so far; possible via SCCP, but neither confirmed or denied for MGCP. Concrete information would be appreciated, configuration guides would be golden.

And by the way the integration is Unity, though this shouldn't matter.

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