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MGCP vs H323

I'm curios to know the pros/cons and scenarios for when you would choose a H323 gateway over a MGCP gateway. What is recommended for a small branch office (15-100 users). What about a large office (100-300 users).


Re: MGCP vs H323

Hi friend,

You've already seen this document?


- Adrián.

Re: MGCP vs H323

ok in brief

h323 need a full dial-plan configured on it for example for simple voip network with callmanger u need at leat on pots dial-peer to recieve and send calls to pstn and one voip dial-peer to recieve and send calls to callmanager

this is simplest way

however in my openion i see with h323 u can have more control over calls like u can use trnaslation profiles in conjunction with callmanger translation pattren they could work to gather or u have the translation only on ur gateway

an IMPRTANT thing that if u wanna reject a call or match a call based on calling number with h323 u can do it with mgcp and callmanger u CAN NOT !!!

if u look to have a SIP trunk in future h323 will be the best for this solusion

MGCP helpful when u have many gateways and u need the managment of these gateways to be centralized thorugh the callmanger

also mgcp use callmanger dial-plan only u dont need to configure and dial-peer on it

this is in brief

if u have small number of gateways i would suggest u to use h323

good luck

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