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Microsoft Remote TSP Deployment & Scaleability

Sorry if this seems a bit off-topic for some of you.

I know from many installations that the deployment of CiscoTSP on the PC clients works well. However, I'd like to get rid of two annoying issues by means of Microsoft Remote TAPI:

- UserID/Pwd for CTI End Users (Microsoft will let me do this with AD, whereas in Cisco CallManager I'll need to maintain yet another User DB)

- TSP Rollout ("tcmsetup" can easily be done in scripts, whereas automated rollout of the Cisco TSP is a hassle - and a new one must be deployed for each PBX Upgrade)

I do not have any concern regarding MS TAPI feature set (all my customer wants is to click-and-call), and I have proven this setup in small customer deployments. My concern is rather stability and scaleability in the following setup:

- Windows 2003 Telephony Server on Enterprise Grade HW Platform (e.g. HP DL380G5) with Cisco CallManager 4.x TSP

- Remote TSP on XP clients

What are your guesses if the server is more or less dedicated to TAPI stuff? I haven't found any figures about Microsoft Client/Server TAPI - How much can it reliably? 100 lines? 1000? 10.000?

Any Feedback is appreciated.




Re: Microsoft Remote TSP Deployment & Scaleability

The Cisco TAPI solution allows you to install multiple Cisco TAPI Service Providers (TSPs) on the same machine. This configuration allows TAPI applications to increase the number of lines that can be supported and to increase the amount of call traffic. Configure each Cisco TSP with a different username and password that is administered in the Cisco CallManager Directory. Configure each user in the Directory, so no two users are associated to the same device. TSPs in the multiple TSP system do not communicate with each other and create a separate computer telephony integration (CTI) connection to the Cisco CallManager.

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Re: Microsoft Remote TSP Deployment & Scaleability


Thanks for your answer - I really appreciate your effort to help me. However your reply does not answer my question at all: It was all about Microsoft's RemoteTSP.



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