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migrate 7940 to 7960


I would like to migrate a 7940 phone configuration to 7960 including all services/speeddials etc. Is this possible? How?



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Re: migrate 7940 to 7960

Hi Richard,

Excellent question! I have been wondering about this as well as we soon will have to change out a number of 7940/7960's for 7941/7961's. I just tried using the BAT Export Utility (as a test) and exported 1 7960. The .csv file that was exported is perfect and can be easily manipulated to be used to BAT in the new 7961. I can't think of a cleaner way off-hand. Have a look;

Bulk Administration Tool User Guide, Release 5.1(4)

Working with the Export Utility

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: migrate 7940 to 7960

Rob is correct you can use BAT for this. I was able to make the migration in my laboratory following this procedure, please try it first with only ONE phone and see if it works for you.

1.- Open BAT and go to Configure --> Phones --> Export Phones and click on Next.

2.- Choose the export option 'All Details' and the Model 7940. Click on Export.

Exported file will be saved at C:\BatFiles\Export\Phones\ on the publisher

3.- Make a copy of the file and save it on C:\BATFiles\Phones\Insert\ on the publisher.

4.- Modify this new file from step 3 and change the MAC address and the phone button

template fields only and save the changes.

5.- You will need to delete the phone from the system (this is the tricky part)

6.- In BAT go to Configure --> Phones --> Insert Phones. Click on Next.

7.- Select the option 4: Insert Phones and click on Next.

8.- Select the 'All Details' option and on the File Name choose the file from step 4 and

click on insert.

The phone will be inserted with the new phone button template and the MAC address of the

7960 but with all the other options that the phone used to have.



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Re: migrate 7940 to 7960


The procedure worked fine for migrating from 7940 to 7960. I got some error message in BAT because phone was associated with 3 different users (for CTI reasons) but all settings were imported correctly except call-pickup group.

both of you: thanks!


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