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Migrate Data from 5.x to 7.x

Hi all,

We are trying to migrate data from 5.x to 7.x CUCM. both are Linux based.

Based n my search - The available migration tool DMA is from 4.x (windows)  to 7.x but I have no links from 5.x (linux) to 7.x (linux).

please note we do not want to upgrade. we want to migrate from individual CUCM 5.x (linux) box to another new box 7.x (linux) box.

Migration of DLs is not required. Only the config and the users/phones/directory/configs/CSS details etc

Can you give me some guidelines?


Durga Prasad

Message was edited by: Durga Prasad M.S Thanks I had figured out through trial and error. even the BAT tool doesnt work directly as the new 7.x CUCM is not recognising the exported files - if imported directly. I am getting errors on import. Solution: 1) I exported the files from the old CUCM using BAT tool. 2) copied the required data into the BAT.xlt downloaded form the 7.x CUCM by populating required fields. 3) created the templates for the phones&users. 4) uploaded the files with the data into new CUCM. 5) recreated the directory information by modifying the phones data in the new CUCM. 6) recreated the other configs by hand. 7) in short no easy solution to just migrate from the older versioin to new unless I am missing something. 8) later my SE suggested downgrading the new CUCM to match older version, restoring the disaster recovery backup and them upgrading back to latest vesion. didnt try that though. hope this helps someone. Regards Durga Prasad

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Re: Migrate Data from 5.x to 7.x

Use Disaster Recovery System to backup your data and then restore it on new box. Simple operation to move data between machines

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Re: Migrate Data from 5.x to 7.x

That's not possible

DRS needs to be restored on the EXACT SAME VERSION from which it was taken

You'll need to use BAT to migrate the info.



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Re: Migrate Data from 5.x to 7.x

Thanks for info Java, thought DRS will be useful.

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