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Migration from CCM 3.3(5) to CUCM 7.1


We are migrating the Call Manager 3.3 (5) to CUCM 7.1 and we have this problem : 3000 ip phones with static ip address. Some 7905, some 7910 and others 7906. NOw we need to change to DHCP without to act manually on every telephone. For 7905 we know how to do but we are in trouble with 7906. Farther we did a lot of test, after reading about config file/xml configuration. We also had a look to TFTP logs for understanding how to an IPPhone receive configuration files. We watched that every new ip phone (not 7905) search in the TFTP path for a .tlv file, then for a .cnf.xml file, and at least he search .cnf.xml file in the CallManager cache. I think that we need to bring over the phone a configuration file that set DHCP at phone restart. But we can’t.

Can someone help us?

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Re: Migration from CCM 3.3(5) to CUCM 7.1

I almost fell down from my car seat while reading this post.

  Let me just set my car in cruise control and start typing this reply.  How in the world you guys managed to statically assigned 3000 IP Phones and the question is why?  That sounds very painful when you were doing the deployment.  But I think you like pain so my answer is not going to be sugar-coated.

All the phones need to be factory reset so that they will start looking for DHCP which means someone has to wear a comfortable sneakers and good at text messaging as that person will have to input the factory reset code on every phone.................BUT....that is the easy part or just the tip of the iceberg.

The actual work is migrating CCM.  The way I see this since your CM 3.3(5) is ancient, you cannot even do the upgrade to version 4.x that will enable you to upgrade to 7.x.  If for some reason, you have the installation media for CM 4.x upgrade then to 7.x, that is one way.

The other way is to buy new servers build a CUCM 7.x cluster. Upload the phone configuration via BAT, shutdown the 3.3 cluster and have the phones point to the new server.

These are 10,000 foot view steps of what you need to do.  You will need to call a Cisco partner or hire an IP Telephony engineer who has done this kind of migration before.  If you are located in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Tahiti or some exotic vacation place, you can fly me in and I will help you

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