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Migration from H323 TO MGCP

We are using CCM 4.1(3)(one Pub and one Sub) with H323 Cisco 2811 Gateway (2 gateways with 4 E1 Pri links).

We want now to migrate from H323 to MGCP.

Can please someone explain to me what i should consider before doing this? what should the migration plan include?

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Re: Migration from H323 TO MGCP

Com on Guys someone have done this before??????

Re: Migration from H323 TO MGCP

I don't know what the caveats are for a E1 PRI, but you can have a H323 Gateway and A MGCP gateway configured on the same router. In CM you will configure a gateway for MGCP and at this point migrate it into your Route List. Just keep in mind that your route patterns may change depending on if your using a prefix when dialing numders for example a 9. Some people generally set the H323 gateway to strip the nine before routing to the PSTN. On a MGCP gateway, you need to strip this either at the RL level or RP. Also, remember to create a seperate set of dialpeers that are controlled by MGCP by adding the service mgcp statement. Once all everything is working correctly then you can modify you incoming dialpeer to be controlled by mgcp.

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Re: Migration from H323 TO MGCP

How do i set the new dialpeer for MGCP? are they the same as the one i have H323`?

Re: Migration from H323 TO MGCP

When you enable MGCP on the gateway and route calls via the MGCP gateway, dialpeeers are not used until SRST mode is active, but you need to add the service mgcpapp under the dialpeer for each E1 PRI. For example;

dial-peer voice 1 pots

service mgcpapp

port 0/1/0:15

Then I recommend setting up H323 fallback mode with SRST by using "call application alter default". You need dialpeers for this fallback mode. You can use your existing h323 dialpeers, but keep in mind those dialpeers are not inuse when routing calls via MGCP.

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