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Missing envelope

i was wondering if anyone has had the problem if a person call forward all to voicemail it does not display on the attendant console it used to work it just stopped last week any suggestions would be grately appreciated attendant console version 1.5


Re: Missing envelope

Configuring Cisco CallManager Attendant Console to Access Voice Mail >To access voice mail from Cisco CallManager Attendant Console, you must >include information about >each voice-mail system in the appropriate system file on the Cisco >CallManager Attendant Console >server. To configure the system file, perform the following procedure: >Procedure

Step 1

On the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console server, open the >VoiceMailProfilesExample.xml file that

is located in the ..\Program Files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant\etc directory.

Step 2

Copy the contents of this file into the VoiceMailProfiles.xml file >that is located in the same


Step 3

For each voice-mail system that Cisco CallManager Attendant Console >needs to access, provide the >following information: >? Voice-mail profile name >? Voice-mail pilot number >? DTMF sequence that Cisco Attendant Console uses to call the voice-mail >system for internal callers >? DTMF sequence that Cisco Attendant Console uses to call the voice-mail >system for external callers >? Number of seconds that Cisco Attendant Console waits to enter the DTMF >sequence after >connecting to the

voice-mail system.

Step 4

Save and close the VoiceMailProfiles.xml file

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Re: Missing envelope

i do not have that file on the server. any other ideas?

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