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Missing Hold Softkey

I have a few sites where users are complaining that after answering an inbound call no Hold softkey is available. This does not happen all the time only a couple of times a day. These sites use multiple shared lines. We are on 4.1.3es94

I was wondering if the "maximum number of calls" setting could have an effect on this but my understanding is that this setting is per device so even if you have a call on a line that shows up on 15 phones it should only subtract one call from the available call pool. Then again I may be on the completely wrong track. What would cause the Hold soft key to not apear sporadically?


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Re: Missing Hold Softkey

Hi Steve,

I have seen many threads related to this issue in the past year. They have all been Bugs in the phone firmware, primarily in the 7.x releases. Here is one example;

Let us know!


PS: I did read about this with 8.0(3) as well :(

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Re: Missing Hold Softkey

Thanks for the info! We are using 7961's running SCCP41.8-2-1S. I am suprised there is not even a Bug out on this. I will see what TAC has to say.

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Re: Missing Hold Softkey

Any luck with TAC? I have users with the same issue. Thanks!

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Re: Missing Hold Softkey

Not yet but one of our engineers was able to recreate this in our lab - here is his report:

We've been able to recreate the missing Hold softkey in the LAB. This condition seems to be associated with the shared instances of Line 1 and how it's answered. If the call is answered by lifting the handset and pressing the Line 1 key that causes the issue. Under normal circumstances, Line 1 doesn't need to be pressed to answer a ringing call, simply lifting the handset would answer the call and all softkeys appear..... No problem. If any other line rings you must press the associated Line button to answer the call, the softkeys work fine for these buttons. Therein lies the problem .... My simple suspicion is that the users are migrating to pressing the line button regardless of which is ringing. It looks like the human factor's plaguing us again, who has time to monitor which line is ringing? I know that I have to press the line key for the majority of the buttons, why not Line 1 too ? Reasonable .....

Although the call on Line 1 is immediately answered when the handset is lifted, my guess is that the user, unaware, is pressing the Line 1 button, (force of habit) anyway. This causes the New Call softkey to appear in the display with no other softkeys visible, hence the missing hold. The caller is connected, conversation begins, no hold key. Simply pressing the Line 1 button again brings all the appropriate softkeys back, hold included. This symptom is only occuring with Line 1 calls.

Two of our sites were doing exactly what was detailed above.

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