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mobie connect resume problem


I tried to run mobile connect feature on CCM 6.1

This mobility worked fine, I tried the handover from cellphone to desktop IP phone and it worked fine. Than I turned the CCM off in order to move it, and as I plugged everything back again, this resume started acting strange. At first I thought it didn't work at all but than I relized I works with 30 second delay (when I hang up the cellphone it takes 30 seconds for resume to appear on IP phone and lasts about 2 secs, when I can do the resume..). This drives me crazy since it worked before I shut it down...

I need any advice, pretty fast

best regards,

Goran Pilat


Re: mobie connect resume problem


Can you press the line key to resume the call instead of waiting for the softkey to appear?

I know it's not a fix, but at least you won't lose any calls.

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Re: mobie connect resume problem

I opened TAC and got this back :

"The Progress Indicator informs the gateway that there is audio in the disconnect so that is why the gateway was not tearing down the call.

Please add the following command to your gateway:

voice call disc-pi-off"

Worked for me,

Best regards

Goran Pilat


Re: mobie connect resume problem

Great! Thanks for following up with the fix. 5 Points to you!

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Re: mobie connect resume problem


I was having the same problem. It was solved with the proovided solution.

Vincent van de Bovenkamp

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