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Mobile Connect Caller ID

I am trying to figure out how to get caller ID displayed as follows:

If a user configured for mobile connect is sitting at their desk and dialing to external users their CID should show up as the main number and not their DID.  I have their line configured on their phone with an external mask of the main number and this works fine.  SO for example, the main number is 555-555-1000 and the external mask for the line on the deskphone is 555-555-1000

If a user configured for mobile connect receives a call which rings their remote destination the users remote destination should show their own DID (for example if their DID is 555-555-1234, the cell configured as their remote destination receives 555-555-1234 instead of 555-555-1000).  I've been able to configure this either to pass the caller ID Information from the original caller or send the main number like is configured on their desk phone.  But I have not been able to get the desk phone to pass the main number (555-555-1000) and the remote destination profile to pass the DID (555-555-1234).

I've tried all sorts of combinations of calling party transformation and using a different external mask on their RDP line than on the deskphone line, but cannot seem to get the results I want.  Any advice on whether there is a way to accomplish this or not would be appreciated.

CUCM 8.6(2)

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Mobile Connect Caller ID

What would you want to display the user's own DID when call is extended to his remote destination?  What purpose would that serve? 

usually you want to pass the actual caller ID of the caller i.e. external caller or internal caller DID? But to do this you need to ensure telco allows you to mask caller ID with any number.  Are you using PRI or SIP trunk?

Also, rather than setting external phone number mask to main number on the phone I would recommend setting it to the DID and then simply overwriting the calling number on the route patterns or route lists without using the "use external phone number mask" there, this will give you a lot more flexibility and you will then be able to use separate CSS/PT/RP for mobile connect extended routing.



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Mobile Connect Caller ID

They would like to know that this is a call coming through due to SNR and not simply a call directly to their cell phone.  By using their own DID as the caller ID this gives a clear way to identify that this is a SNR call as there would not be someone else sitting at their desk dialing their cell phone number.  Right now because their DIDs are not known to their customers, etc they want to send out the main number on all their calls, but this will change for select users going forward to their DID.  This is why I have set it to use the external phone number mask on the phones and currently all the phones just have the main number as the external phone number mask.  Not matching the external phone number mask will actually limit my flexbility to decide phone by phone what number we want to pass.

So, I am still trying to figure out how to get the main number passing on direct dialed calls from their desk phone while getting the DID passing on SNR calls from the remote destination profile.

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Mobile Connect Caller ID

Well, the only way to change the calling number to user's own DID would be to have a dedicated CSS/PT/calling transformation pattern for each user. On the RDP you would use user specific CSS that lists user specific partition which is assigned to calling transformation pattern that transforms calling number into designated DID, i.e. 5555551234.  This is not very scalable solution and if you need large number of these you are going to end up with a lot of CSS/PTs.  As I mentioned earlier the system was not designed to do what you are attempting to do.

How about instead of using the user's DID use another number different from the main number but consistent for all users, this way they would know the call is being extended via SNR?