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Mobile Voice Access Call Drops

Hi Iam using CUCM 7.0 and I configured Mobile voice access feature as said in cisco Admin guide but when i dial the remote destination number the call is disconnected immediately.Interactive voice XML feature is working iam able to turn on/off my mobility feature using voice access but not call.


I turned on Mobility service

I created user with Mobile Voice access

Created RDP with neccessary Access list settings

Created Remote Destination Number

Assosiated voice access in Line

Created Dial peer

downloaded voice XML in h323 gateway

Any Suggestions ?


Re: Mobile Voice Access Call Drops

First thing to know is:

1. Are you using hairpinning or direct H.323 GW.

2. When its H.323 the call arrives to GW, CUCM service doesnt know about the call only VXML script running

When you enter the remote number, IOS GW will send a H225 SETUP to CUCM, and in Redirect number you will see the remote destination number, with that cucm will recognize it was a MVA call and re-route the call.

Check CSS of GW and run some debugs


debug voice ccapi ino

ccm sdi sdl traces

Check if we r sending the call to remote end...


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Re: Mobile Voice Access Call Drops

First Thanks for your Reply,

Its an Direct H323 GW,

that means when the mobile number dials the MVA number it is identified by the dial peer config in h323 gateway and the Script is called in by the GW and prompting user for the options.When user dials the option 1 for make call and dials the number which is a local register number to the CUCM means call should go in ease isn't.

But the call drops when it dialled.

I checked CSS it seems to be fine.


Mobile NUmber=9911.....

Called Number from Mobile is=1002(which is internal register number)

I find the trace its like it says Cucm Terminated it not able to process the call



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