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Mobile Voice Access having issues


I am running CUCM 6.0(1).  Trying (unsuccessfully so far) to setup Mobile Voice Access.  I am using a 3745 router as an h323 gateway.  I'm probably doing something simple incorrectly.  Basic issue is that I can not seem to get to the Mobile Voice Access IVR.  I have a DID 5921515 setup for MVA.  I created the remote destination profile and setup a cell phone as remote destination.  3801825.  When I dial 5921515 from said cell phone I see the dial-peer on the router handing the call off to the voip dial peer but all I hear is constant ringing on the cellphone.  My DN for MVA is 1801.  An excerpt from my router config is as such:

  service cmm

dial-peer voice 5921515 pots
service cmm
incoming called-number 5921515
no digit-strip

dial-peer voice 301 voip
preference 1
destination-pattern 1801
session target ipv4:
dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
codec g711ulaw
no vad

voice-port 4/1/0
no battery-reversal
input gain 10
echo-cancel suppressor
no comfort-noise
timing hookflash-out 50
connection plar opx 1801
threshold noise -90
station-id number 8455921515
caller-id enable

I will be converting away from FXO to a SIP trunking provider in the near future and I know that FXO can not work with Mobile Connect but from my understanding is that it ought to work to allow a user to dial in to access MVA?  I've seen so many conflicting reports on this feature and have never yet been successful in even getting to the IVR!  Very frustrating.  I greatly appreciate any assistance that anyone may have in regards to this.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Mobile Voice Access having issues

I think my biggest issue here is incorrect configuration of dial-peers.  I must be stupid, lol.  Having a very difficult time understanding how to setup a dialpeer config that will accept incoming calls and based on the DID number (5921515) that is assigned to that FXO interface activate the cmm service and then push it to another dialpeer voip to the MVA DN 1801 while keeping the incoming callerID so that MVA knows it is a number associated with the RDP.  I may also have the concept wrong but I think this is what is necessary.

If I am correct I need a dialpeer setup to takes calls from the voice-port 4/1/0 which is DID 5921515 and then push those calls to a voip dial-peer?  Maybe it's the late hour but it's very confusing.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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