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Mobile Voice Access not working

HI I have CUCM 7.0 and 3845 as H.323 gateway.

I have setup the Mobile voice access(MVA) and when i dial MVA number CCM plays the IVR...during IVR it prompts for authentication..

Problem1: I am dialing the MVA number from a phone configured as Remote destination for user.But still it is asking for remote destination number and pin..ideally it should be asking for only pin and not for remote DN dialing from a phone configured for remote destination..

Problem2: Document says after authentication you should press1 and dial the remote number you want to dail. But as soon as i press1 the IVR says invalid input.

Any suggestion will be helpful

Thanks& rgds,


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Re: Mobile Voice Access not working


Problem 1 : Have you checked the phone you calling from doesnt have the cli restricted ? Check the cli being passed to CCM is exactly the same as whats configured as your remote destination.

Problem 2: Check the RDP profile is configured correctly. Also which country are you in and can you post a sh run of your voip dialpeer.

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Re: Mobile Voice Access not working

HI Sebastian,

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked the things you told.

Problem 1: i have 0 dialing so remote destination i have configured as "0xxxxxxxxxx" while the incoming mobile number is "xxxxxxxxxx"..SO the 0 is not prefixed to the incoming number.

Problem2: RDP profile is correct. I am in India.Below is the dial-peer configuration...

dial-peer voice 6800 pots

service ccm

incoming called-number 6800

no digit-strip



dial-peer voice 6801 voip

destination-pattern 6800

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad

Thanks & Regds,


Community Member

Re: Mobile Voice Access not working

Hi Alok,

We had better add user's extension as one of associated remote destination, if user dial in with one of the remote destintation DN, the system will ask user key PIN password instead of asking user input user ID and PIN password.



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