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Mobility CLID pass-through

I can't seem to get CLID to pass through to cell phones with mobility enabled. I created a new, CSS and new (empty) partition assigned to that CSS. I then went into the Remote Destination Profile and chose this CSS for the Calling Party Transformation CSS.

What should my transformation pattern look like to pass through the CID? The docs explain the fields, but I cannot find examples anywhere. I've tried a few different settings and there's no CLID being passed.


Re: Mobility CLID pass-through

What CLID is currently being passed? Is this your Main Number or your DID? It could be that your Telco does allow you to pass anything you want. This would be a closed screening table. You need to have an open screening table to allow originating caller-id be passed to your remote device.


New Member

Re: Mobility CLID pass-through

We run a shared tenant system and can pass any CLID that we want. When I do a 'debug isdn q931' I see the CLID name as 'Voicemail' and no number is passed. The default CLID number that the telco has configured is what is showing up

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