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Modify caller ID on SCCP phones CUCM 9.X

Hello Experts,

I have a requirement from my customer and i need your suggestion to achieve this on CUCM 9.X version.


I have a hunt pilot on that there are 3 extensions grouped.


Hunt Pilot - 1000

Extn 1 - 1001, Extn 2 - 1002 and Extn 3 - 1003.

They are asking when 1001, 1002 and 1003 call inter or intra cluster calls the called party should receive their number as Huntpilot number not their individual number, so that the called party can call and it can routed via hunt pilot.


When i change their Display and ASCII display name it shows the calling name as "From 1001" on the called parties display, but if they go and check it in the received or missed call history they see the individual number only [Eg 1001, 1002 or 1003], so if they redial the individual phone receives the call.


So i need ur suggestion to achieve this requirement. You replies are much appreciated on this.


Thanks / Raja.



Cisco Employee

Use translation patterns or

Use translation patterns or calling party transformation patterns to do that.



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The Alerting and Display

The Alerting and Display fields on a DN modify the calling party name, not the calling number. As Jamie indicated, you would need to force all of their calls - and only their calls! - through a translation pattern that performed a calling party number modification before routing to the final intra- or inter-cluster destination. This doesn't scale well as it creates a fair amount of partition/CSS clutter (i.e. they need a dedicated Device-level CSS) but sometimes you can't say 'no.'

You can also set the external

You can also set the external phone number mask to 1000 on those 3 phones. So when the calls are going through any translation pattern n route pattern, you can check the box "apply external phone number mask" in the calling party fields.
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