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modify extension

Is it possible to set up phones in an office so that an ext (5023) is the primary person answering incoming calls from people that dont know what extension to dial rather than ext (5010)??so basically What I'd like to do is setup ext 5023 to ring on the following days at the following times? the phones would need to ring into (5023) on these days and times:

ext 5023 Tue 8am-3pm

ext 5023 Wed 10am-4pm

ext 5023 Thur 8am-3pm

ext 5023 Fri 10am-4pm

ext 5023 Monday ? Thursday after 5pm

ext 5010 Mon 8am-5pm

ext 5010 Tue 3:01-5pm

ext 5010 Wed 8- 9:59am & 4:01-5pm

ext 5010 Thur 3:01-5pm

ext 5010 Fri 8- 9:59am & 4:01 ?till Monday at 5 PM

Weekends (so calls can be returned on Monday since employee at 5010 is not working on that day)

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Re: modify extension

Are you using CallManager? If so what version?

Since CM 4.1 Cisco introduced Time of Day routing feature which would allow you to do what you want.


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Re: modify extension

Thanks for quick reply Chris!

Yes, we use CallMgr 4.1. Can you give me an idea on how to do setup times using the Time of Day routing feature?

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Re: modify extension

1.Configure Time Periods

2.Configure Time Schedules

3.Configure Paritions utilizing time schedules

4. Reference these PTs in Calling Search Spaces

5. Apply the CSS to the source of call (GW, phone, etc)

6. Create Translation Patterns in these ToD paritions

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