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MOH across the WAN

In a centralised roll out, I have a remote site A with local MOH source on a SRTS. Local calls will use the local router- To reduce any WAN traffic, as well as copying the MOH onto the local Router, would you copy the same MOH file onto the central call Manager as well so if a user B at the central site is placed on hold by a user at the SRST site, the user B would source User A`s MOH from the central site rather then across the WAN

2. If you are using TEHO via to the central site again would you copy the MOH as above on to central site so the central sites gateways can use a local MOH source of the remote sites MOH rather then go back across the WAN if User A places the Telco call on hold

3. If you use phone which can cope with both G729 and G711 and you have a centralised Unity system, is there any need for transcoders locally



Re: MOH across the WAN

Try this:

1. CCM Admin Page >> Service >> Service Parameters

2. Select IP Voice Media Streaming App >> Supported MOH Codecs*

3. Select All the codecs by pressing the CTRL key

4. Restart IPVMSA service on all the CM

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