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MOH and Conferencing does not work


MOH nad Conferencing does not work at all.MOH Servers and Conf Bridge are activated and registered.Music Files are loaded into the default directory i.e DropMOHAudioFileshere.But I dont get to hear any Music when on hold.


Re: MOH and Conferencing does not work

Was this working before or is it a new installation?

Make sure to have access to the MOH servers and the Conference Bridge through the Media Resource Group List and Media Resource Group.

Also make sure to enable the IP Voice Media Streaming service.

If everything was working before I would recommend you to reset the Conference Bridge and the MOH server and finally reset the IP Voice Media Streaming service.



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Re: MOH and Conferencing does not work


Are your conference resources and MOH servers added to MRGs?

If so, ensure that the MRGLs containing the MRGs are assigned to devices - the easiest way is to the the MRGL on each device pool.

Also verify if your phones are set to use G729 or G711 as by default MOH will only work for G711, and CM software conferencing is only capable of mixing G711 streams.



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Re: MOH and Conferencing does not work

Hi Aaron,

There is one more Error message seen in my Applications Screen on My Computer Icon,


Error: kDownloadMOHFileFailed - Download request failure.

File Name: Things_Are_Looking_Up.ULAW.wav

App ID: Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App

Cluster ID: StandAloneCluster


Explanation: The TFTP download request failed.

Recommended Action: Validate the TFTP IP address in the database and that the file exists..

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Re: MOH and Conferencing does not work

After the wav/mp3 file is converted to all the appropriate formats ulaw,alaw,wb,g729 it will place them in the default location noted in the services of C:\Program Files\Cisco\TFTP\MOH, however it will not place the file on all the other servers in your cluster that you have MOH enabled on and using. Place the files that it created for Things_Are_Looking_Up.Codec.X on all the other server locations mentioned above. It cannot find the file to use.

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