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MOH - Audio file add error


When I upload a new audio file for MOH, the CCM converts the file and says that the file is uploaded. But after, when I want to find thee MOH Audio file, I get this message :

Error Message Unmapped Exception The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.

I use wav file from the CD MOH Cisco who comes with the upgrade.

Has any one any idea ??

Thx very much ;-)



Re: MOH - Audio file add error

try these steps

1) Create a wav file 16-bit PCM with same exact name as original "bad"

wav file. If desired, one could copy/rename a known good MOH wav file as

same name as "bad".

2) Go to MOH Audio Source web admin and import this replacement "good"

wav file.

3) This should remove the "&" problem and create a good xml file.

Community Member

Re: MOH - Audio file add error

Thx for your solution neesharm.

But, it doesn't work.

It's not essential, because I can use my uploaded file !?!?!

I just can't list it.

Bye ;-)


Re: MOH - Audio file add error

Hi Hans,

Can you explain as to what do you mean by you can use the file not can't list it.

Also, note that the file that was received with the CD is not in the format that is needed for MoH to work. Can you check the details of the file and confirm that the compression format for the wav file is "Windows PCM", or "CCITT a-Law" or "CCITT u-Law" format.

You can use the Windows "Sound Recorder" to change the format to CCITT u-Law" and then upload the file on the CallManager.

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Re: MOH - Audio file add error


The music file is on the "Cisco CallManager ? Music Selections for MOH" CD. It's the format PCM for all the file and I think that I don't have to reencode the file !

I can list the MOH file in the menu :

Media Ressources --> MOH Audio File Management.

This message (

But I can use the uploaded file in the menu :

Media Ressources --> Music On Hold Audio Source.

When I use the MOH file in the audio source, the status display (




And the music is heard !

For me, the format of the file is right ?!?!


Re: MOH - Audio file add error

I dont have access to the CD as of now. Would it be possible for you to attach the file from the CD you are using to this thread.

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Re: MOH - Audio file add error

Ok, but not right now !

I've also no access to this CD...

But tomorrow yes ! thx !

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