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MoH Beeps

I have a client where someone puts a call

on hold it beeps. The client wants that there should not be any beeps, just dead air. How do I accomplish this?


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Re: MoH Beeps


Go to the Cisco CallManager Administration page.

Choose Service > Service Parameters.

Choose CallManager IP as the Server and Cisco CallManager as the Service.

Go to the Clusterwide Parameters (Device - General) section on the Service Parameters configuration page.

Change the value of the Tone On Hold Timer to 2000000 seconds and click Update.

This parameter specifies the number of seconds between every two hold tones that are played when a call is put on hold. For non-MGCP-based devices, if this value is 0, the held device plays the hold tone only one time when the caller is put on hold. If the value is 200000, no hold tone plays. Otherwise, the held device plays the hold tone every so many seconds (specified by this value) repeatedly. If the specified value is less than 5 seconds, the device raises it to 5 seconds. For MGCP-based devices, the hold tone is disabled if this value is 0 or 200000. Any other value enables the hold tone on MGCP-based devices when the caller is put on hold.

Hope this helps..

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Re: MoH Beeps

I did that but did not help. It is H323 not MGCP...

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