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New Member

MoH bleeps over MGCP

Hi all, I have a customer who doesnt want MoH as such but does want callers, when placed on hold, to receive the beeps that the IP phone provides when MoH isnt present.

The gateways in question are a selection of 28XX's configured as MGCP. When a call comes in and the caller is placed on hold there is only silence. If a call from another IP phone on the system is placed on hold then the beeps are played to them.

So, its only callers coming through the MGCP gateways that arent getting the hold beeps.

Any help would be much appreciated.

New Member

Re: MoH bleeps over MGCP

This is now sorted so thanks to anyone who has pondered this issue.

BTW, service parameters play tone on hold was set to 0. Changed to 10 and now working a treat.

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