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MoH broken on UCCX hold queue

Our environment:  UCCX 8.5, CUCM 8.5

We have a simple IVR/ACD application that places calles into a hold loop waiting for an agent.  They receive unicast MoH from our CUCM subscribers (the CTI ports have MoH applied).   This has been working fine for years.

Recently, for this one application, MoH doesn't play.  The rest of the functionality is working fine, but the caller hears silence while waiting in queue.  Here's the strange part:  This application has two triggers on it.  MoH works fine when you dial one trigger, but not when you call the other. 

Both triggers are configured the same:  Same Call Control Group, same Device Pool (registered to same sub), same Partition, etc.

So far to troubleshoot:

-Restarted Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App on all call managers

-Reset all the CTI ports in the Call Control Group

-Reset the trigger CTI port

-Deleted and rebuilt the non-working trigger

Any idea where else to look?



MoH broken on UCCX hold queue

On your CTI RP trigger, where is the MOH configured at? line level, CTI RP or Common Device configuration?

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MoH broken on UCCX hold queue

Amine -- No MoH is defined on any of our triggers.  MoH is defined on the route points that are a part of the call control group.  For example we have two triggers 5555 and 5556.  Neither has MoH defined.  Then they both use the same call control group (2000 - 2300).  Those have MoH defined on the device level (not line).  But that was created by CCX when it added them to CUCM, not manually by us.  So I believe that's correct.

raymond -- everything is IN SERVICE, but we restarted just to be sure -- no change. 

Thanks guys...

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Re: MoH broken on UCCX hold queue

In UCCX Serviceability are you seeing any Partial Service statuses on the Publisher? I've seen similiar behavior when our UCCX engine needs to be restarted (Publisher first, then Subscriber).

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