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MoH Files


We use Multicast MoH with SRST.

After change the MoH File from the Default CCM AudioSample(3Mb) to the client MoH File(40MB), the MoH with this new file did not work, on the Debug ephone MoH a message telling that file could not be open is logged.

Did any one nows about file size limit or something about file format?

Thanks for all

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Re: MoH Files

•A music file must be in stored in the router's flash memory. This file should be in G.711 format. The file can be in .au or .wav file format, but the file format must contain 8-bit 8-kHz data; for example, ITU-T A-law or mu-law data format.


i don't know of any file size limit, it seems you should be able to use a 2 gigs file (if you have enough room for it of course)



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Re: MoH Files

Hello javalenc,

Thanks for the help.

But in this network we are using only SRST and CCM5.1.3, no CME. But searching for the same doc for CCM I can see that the MoH file must be 16-bit PCM (stereo or mono) (16k Hz or 32k Hz or 48k Hz or 8k Hz or 44.1k Hz sample rate) and 8-bit CCITT g.711 a-law or mu-law (stereo or mono) (8k Hz sample rate)

I will try to find some software to do this convertion.

Thanks and regards


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Re: MoH Files

Hi Tafari,

Just to add a note here to the great info from Jaime. Try Adobe Audition. Here is a link, it's very good :)

Hope this helps!


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Re: MoH Files

Hello guys,

Thanks for your help.

I have one ideia to translate the file for the SRST router. I use the CCM 4.1 to. when you put one wav file on the ccm's "dropMoHfileshere" folder, the ccm's software translate the file for the correct format, and the I the if in TFTPPath folder and upload to the router's flash.

Thanks Again for the help.

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Re: MoH Files

Hello, I am having problems With MoH again.

It is a new Site.

when I put all the commands in the router:

ccm-manager music-on-hold



secondary-dialtone 0

max-conferences 8 gain -6

transfer-system full-consult

timeouts interdigit 6

max-ephones 96

max-dn 280

system message primary OPERANDO EM SRST

voicemail 50004499

translation-profile incoming from-pstn

moh SampleAudioSource.wav

multicast moh port 16384 route

time-zone 17

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy


and after that I issuie an Show Ephone sumary, I get the following display:

#sh ephone summary


Max 96, Registered 0, Unregistered 0, Deceased 0, Sockets 0

ephone_send_packet process switched 0

Max Conferences 8 with 0 active (8 allowed)

Skinny Music On Hold Status

Active MOH clients 0 (max 210), Media Clients 0, B-ACD Clients 0

No MOH file loaded

As you can see thr file is not uploaded to SRST router.

Any suggentions?

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Re: MoH Files

no call-manager fallback

then paste the configuration again.

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