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MOH from router's Flash

Dear Voipers

I have the follwoing design:

1 CCM installed (IP and One gateway configured for SRST (IP on the head office. I need to configure the following: When some one is held on the phone, he should listen to MOH from the router's flash. So I have configured the multicast MOH on my gateway:

max-conferences 8 gain -6
transfer-system full-consult
ip source-address port 2000
max-ephones 35
max-dn 20
keepalive 10
moh holdmusic.wav
multicast moh port 16384
time-format 24
date-format dd-mm-yy

I have configured the multicast on the MOH Server, the MRG and the MRGL, then associated the MRGL to the Phones and the GW.
All the phones are associated to the same Device Pool. The GW is also associated to the same Device Pool.

The issue is that for incoming calls from PSTN, when they are held, they don't hear the MOH, but instead they hear BIP BIP BIP !

I don't know what is then issue. Can you please advice?

Best Regards.


Re: MOH from router's Flash

How many hops are configured for the MOH on CUCM?    

Community Member

Re: MOH from router's Flash


I have configured the number of hops to be 2 and then 16 but in the Two cases i have the same issue.


Re: MOH from router's Flash

Try setting it to (1) hop.  If you have it set to to (2) hops, the phone will skip the router and try whats left.... nothing.. but beep beep beep. 

Also, you should configure a loopback interface just for MOH multicast.

Then point your source for MOH to this address.  This effectively leaves the multicasting on the local interface and will play the MOH file.

Here is an example of what i use:

max-conferences 12 gain -6
ip source-address 10.xx.254.2 port 2000
max-ephones 42
max-dn 84
moh acdc.wav
multicast moh port 16392 route 10.xx.254.2 is my local loopback interface I created on the SRST router.

.2 is my gig interface.

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