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MOH issue with CCM 4.1

Hello, we have this (serious) problem.

We have configured a Pilot Point, for our principal number.

Pilot Point is configured to redirect call to two phone, connected to two Attendant Console.

When we make first call, ring first phone.

When we make second call, ring second phone.

When we make third call, play MOH message.

When we make fourth call, play MOH message, but not from the beginning, but from the point where precedent message is arrived.

I've configured music on hold audio source to play continuously.

If I un-check "play continuously", only first call placed on hold heard message, from second on hold call, CCM answer, but MOH is only silence...

Can anyone help me?



Cisco Employee

Re: MOH issue with CCM 4.1

Are you using multicast or unicast MOH? I believe it's unicaste in this case... Be aware that with unicast, MOH will play from the beginning each time a user is put on hold. The stream is sent to each user independently. On the other hand, with multicast the MOH file will be playing so it will be streamed at the same time to all the users on hold. So, when a user is put on hold he will hear the MOH file at the time it's playing.



Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)
New Member

Re: MOH issue with CCM 4.1

Thanks for your answer.

I'm using unicast, because I know that with multicast it works like you describe.

But I'm sure that the problem exist:

- if I put on hold a user, message start from beginning, and also if I put a secondo user on hold message start from the beginning

- but problem is with pilot point: it put on hold every new call inbound, and from second call on hold, user hear message non from the beginning, but from the point where is first message...

I don't know why with pilot point this is the behavior, but it is so!

Thanks for any other useful suggestion.


New Member

Re: MOH issue with CCM 4.1


Have you solved your problem?

I have also the same problem


Best Regards,


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