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MoH issue

Has anyone seen an issue where PSTN callers when put on hold, hear MoH for a few seconds, then they hear a click, the MoH stops and all PSTN callers are basically all conferenced in together?




Re: MoH issue

I have never seen that,

I would say this requires checking CCM|SDL traces.

You can upload them and we can check them.

Include all call info and timestamps.



Re: MoH issue

Looks like a codec issue to me ...

In CCM Admin,

under SERVICES > Service Parameters >

select the adequate server > Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App > Supported MOH Codecs

Then hold the CRTL key and select each available codec with the mouse > click on UPDATE. Then restart the services "Cisco MOH Audio Translator" and "Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App". Use the same procedure in all callmanager servers in the cluster.

Let see if it helps ...else opening a TAC case would be a good idea

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Re: MoH issue

I just did what you suggested. Waiting to hear back from customer to see if this is still occuring.

We do have a case open with Cisco, but have not heard anything as of yet...


Re: MoH issue

Just to look at this from a different angle...

If I'm a receptionist and I've got a couple calls I could potentially get confused and conference people together instead of transfer or park...

It would give you the same behavior. User hits confrn (pstn caller hears moh music) User conferences other party and now the two calls the receptionist thought were being transfered/parked/whatever are now conferenced.... And, if you don't have your conference rules to drop when no more onnet parties exist, you could have your PSTN callers just sitting there on your circuit talking to each other even though the receptionist hung up....

Just a thought,


-- -Mark Turpin
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Re: MoH issue

What Version of CCM?

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Re: MoH issue


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