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MoH problem with CM5

Need a heads up about music on hold(unicast) for CM5. By using the default SampleAudioSource MoH, everything works great & beautifully.

The problem starts when I try to put in another MoH stream, for eg - slot number 2. Whether if the call is put on hold or transfers for internal & external calls, no music can be heard. Checked the IP Voice Streaming service & MRGL, and everything is in place. File problem? Checked again and the same MoH file is used and working in CM4.1.3.

Turned the RTMT on and monitor the status of the MoH performance. And the noticeable difference I took note of is the number of MOH Streams Active chart. It seems that the working MoH would show 2 active streams where as the other would only show 1 active streams.

Any suggestion and help is greatly appreciated.




Re: MoH problem with CM5

Is the problem observed for Onnet only or for both Offnet and Onnet calls

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Re: MoH problem with CM5

I had the same problem and it was because I've downloaded new MOH file only on the Publisher.

You should download it also on the subscriber (on all machines of the cluster).

Also, check that you have no space in the name of your MOH file.

Hope it help.

Best regards,


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Re: MoH problem with CM5

Thanks for the heads up folks.

Managed to solve the problem at last.

Stephanie, like you have highlighted - I did the very same thing. I did not know that the MOH file has to be put in manually to the Subscriber CM.

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